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Babies in Playroom


TODDLER GROUP |  1 .5-2.5 years old

This group is designed to help you, the parent/caregiver, grow your child’s already developing communication skills by participating in free play, music and movement, and story time activities.

What to Expect

  • Learn how to continue to support your child’s language development by implementing simple, play-based strategies into your daily routines

  • Tips on increasing your child’s ability to follow directions, structuring your environment to build expressive language, and supporting your child’s social-emotional development as they increase their independence

  • Caregiver participation is required- Caregivers will be guided by the SLP on how to model language, narrate activities and implement strategies through play based and interactive activities 

    • Open ended free play ​

    • Circle time

      • Hello Song​

      • Music ( use of gestures and visuals)

      • Movement

      • Sensory and/or craft activity

      • Goodbye song/circle

Scheduling & Tuition

  • Groups are kept small at 3-8 toddlers to ensure individualized attention, minimal distractions, and avoid overstimulation

  • Tuition includes 4 weekly classes, please contact us for exact dates

  • 4 week cycle $140

    •  Beginning Tuesdays October 31-November 22 10:30am

    • Or Wednesdays November 1-November 22, 3:00 pm

    • Currently being offered at Babies in Bloom , Vista, CA

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