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Johanna Hoffman - Speech-Language Pathologist


Discover more about my background, approach to therapy and how I can support your child's journey to clearer speech, improved language skills, and enhanced social interactions. 



Hello! I'm Johanna and I am the Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) behind True Colors Speech Therapy. I received my Masters degree from San Jose State University and hold a Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC) from the American Speech, Language, and Hearing Association. 


I stumbled across Speech Language Pathology when I was working during my undergraduate degree providing behavior management therapy to children on the autism spectrum. I was immediately drawn to the unique field that blended science with my desire to help children. After observing some Speech Language Pathologists, I decided to apply to graduate school. My love for my profession has continued to grow and evolve since that day.

During my graduate studies I was the recipient of a grant that provided me with specialized education to work with individuals with complex communication needs, who require access to Augmentative and Alternative Communication (materials and devices that utilize a method other then verbal speech to communicate). I have continued this throughout my career by conducting assessments, acquiring devices, and providing therapy for those individuals.

While my passion lies working with toddler and preschool aged children, I have experience working with school aged and adult populations as well. The children I have worked with have a wide range of difficulties such as:

  • Speech disorders including those with articulation disorders (difficulty producing sounds)

  • Language disorders (difficulty understanding and using language)

  • Individuals with genetic conditions such as Autism, Down Syndrome, and Cerebral Palsy

  • Myofunctional Disorders including tethered oral tissues


When I am not providing speech and language therapy you can find me spending time with my daughter, family and friends. I love cooking, baking, hiking, running, and visiting all the local bakeries to find the best brownies, cookies, and cupcakes!

child hands playing with toy cars


Building Language Through Play

I believe that speech-language therapy should be fun, engaging, and play-based. A child will be more willing to learn and participate if therapy follows their pattern of learning; which at a young age is through play. I follow a child’s lead, allowing them to explore their world in their own way while building language into their chosen activities.

I believe that the ability to communicate is one of the most basic human rights. All individuals deserve the ability to express their wants and needs, and everyone has a unique path in reaching that goal. Let’s work together to find your child’s path.    

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