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Speech Therapy


Helping your child blossom into a confident communicator with our fun and engaging therapy sessions.

What to expect: 

The muscles of the face are incredibly important in promoting optimal facial development, speech, chewing, swallowing and breathing.  Orofacial disorders are disorders of the mouth and face that disturb any of those functions.  
Myofunctional therapy can be used to address tongue ties, tongue thrusts, prolonged sucking habits (fingers and pacifiers) and other oral habits (nail biting, mouthing of inedible objects etc.) and low tongue resting posture. 
During myofunctional therapy sessions clients will be instructed to perform individualized exercises using their tongue, cheeks, lips and/or jaw to improve coordination and increase strength, while decreasing compensations from other muscles.  Home practice will be given at the end of each session to increase success and carry over of therapy.


Assessment: Flat fee of $600:  includes 1 hour of direct assessment, 2 hours of assessment review and report writing 
Therapy: - $110:  30 minute session 

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