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We can explain the services we offer, but what matters most is how satisfied our families are...


Parent of 4 year old
1:1 Client

"Johanna was wonderful with our son, who has adhd and developmental delays. We would have added her to our family if we could have. She was kind, patient and incredibly professional. My son always looked forward to seeing her each week. Johanna was continuously keeping my husband and I involved in her progress with him and delivering us tools to use at home. Additionally, she worked closely with his preschool teachers and classmates to educate others on his challenges. We highly recommend Johanna and wish we still lived close enough to utilize her."


Parent of 5 month old
Playing with Words: Infant enrichment client

"Johanna’s Infant Enrichment class is fabulous! She has so many wonderful ideas of things to do with your baby, all using things you can find around your house. She also gives fantastic advice regarding feeding and speech development. My baby and I both loved going, and then I was even able to bring the things we learned home to do with my toddler as well! 10/10 would recommend!"


of 9 month old

Early communicator baby sign client

"Johanna's Baby Sign class is super engaging, entertaining, and useful. I now feel confident using signs with my baby to aid our mutual communication and her ability to interact with her world. The seed has been planted and I can't wait to see my child use these signs to help me understand her wants and needs. Johanna also implements songs and books, many of which have become our favorites and help make previously challenging things like bath time much smoother!"


Parent of 18 month old
1:1 Client

"I am an airway centric dentist and Johanna Lambert treated my 18 month old son for speech delay and tongue tie evaluation and post care. She kept my son entertained in each session which is a hard task with a child that young. Each session was effective, engaging, and fun. Johanna knows how to evaluate the structures in the mouth that effective proper speech which is critical for any SLP to know."

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